Smart ForTwo Final Collectors Edition: Its final 21 gas engined cars

21 years after the first Smart car was made in France, the company will end gas engine production with 21 Smart ForTwo Final Collectors Edition vehicles.

Styled by industrial designer Konstantin Grcic and built with Brabus, the Smart ForTwo Final Collectors Edition has a color scheme based on the original Hello Yellow paint color.

Grcic has used a yellow fading to matt black scheme to symbolize the fading to black of gas engine production in favor electric powertrains from 2020.

There’s also #21 graphics on the car. According to Grcic, “#21 commemorates something special, celebrating 21 years of smart. For me, it also symbolises much of what being 21 is about: being free, breaking boundaries, breaking out, showing your rebellious side. The Final Collector’s Edition brings this essential idea to life as we take our leave of a piece of automotive history.”