Ford Fusion Sport: Twin turbo V6 sedan axed for 2020

As the Ford Fusion continues its slow journey to gallows, the twin turbo V6 Sport model has been quietly axed for the 2020 model year.

Car Direct has seen the production and ordering guides for 2020, which show the Fusion will continue to be sold, but without the Sport model.

Ford has confirmed the decision to axe the Sport model, saying it will allow the company to simplify the range and concentrate on more popular variants.

The Fusion Sport was introduced for the 2017 model year, and has a 2.7 twin turbo V6 with 325hp (242kW) and 380 lb-ft (515Nm), standard AWD and a 6-speed auto.

With the death of the Sport, the Fusion is only available with 4-cylinder engines, many turbocharged.

Source: Cars Direct