Second generation Chevrolet Cruze interior detailed by Chevy China

GM likes to remind all and sundry that the second generation Chevrolet Cruze will go on sale in China later this year is not exactly what we’ll be seeing in the US and the rest of world.

That’s technically true, the US Cruze will feature a slightly front bumper with revised detailing and grille, and the drivetrains offered in China won’t exactly marry up with what will offered in Asia, the US and Latin America. But, the general shape and design are almost exactly what the rest of the world will see.

And now the Chevrolet China website, as well as its PR peeps, have given us a look at the second-gen Cruze’s interior, as well as a few more shots of key details.

The new interior takes a leaf out of the Impala’s innards and shrinks it down to size. There’s, at least in the high-spec model shown here, acres of stitched leather or, more likely, faux leather across the dashboard. There’s also a high-res touchscreen hooked up the MyLink smartphone app compatible entertainment system, which has drastically cut the number of buttons present on the dashboard.

In China, the new Cruze will come with either a 1.4-litre turbo or a 1.5-litre naturally aspirated petrol engine. Transmissions will include 6-speed automatics and manuals, as well as a 7-speed dual-clutch.