Renault Twingo RS: Almost impossible out due to small engine bay

Renault would like to make a Twingo RS, but due to packaging constraints related to its rear engine layout, that’s just not going be possible, sadly.

With a small 900cc 3-cylinder under the trunk floor, the third generation Twingo shares its platform with the second generation Smart ForFour.

Currently the Twingo GT (above) is be the fastest Twingo going around with its 108hp (81kW) and 125 lb ft (169Nm).

Patrice Ratti, head of Renault Sport, says that a Twingo RS version would need at least 150hp (112kW) and there’s not enough room for a 4-cylinder engine.

“To get a three-cylinder engine to 150bhp would mean redesigning the engine, and at that point the project becomes very expensive — probably too much for an A-segment hot hatch,” Ratti says.

Source: Autocar