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Opel / Vauxhall GT-X Experimental: Electric SUV spells out new design direction

The former GM brands, now owned by the PSA Group, have displayed their new design language with its Visor panel, Compass hood ridge and Pure Panel interior.

New cars from Opel and Vauxhall will have a sharper, cleaner design. A Visor plexiglass black panel replaces the grille and has a LED Griffin or Lightning Bolt marque, LED matrix headlamps, wing shaped daytime running lights, and hides all the sensors needed for driving assistance features.

The Compass is a sharp crease on the center of the hood and tailgate or trunk, and which is centered around the Griffin or Lightning Bolt marque.

The interior is also stripped back with a single Pure Panel screen for the instrumentation and infotainment displays.

The GT-X Experimental itself previews some of the tech from Opel/Vauxhall’s first dedicated EV under the PSA Group. It’s a small SUV with 17″ wheels, a 50kWh lithium ion battery, and level 3 autonomous driving.

Opel/Vauxhall thinks 40% of all its sales will be SUVs by 2021.


Length: 4.06m | 159.8″
Width: 1.83m | 72.1″
Height: 1.528m | 60.2″ [includes antenna]