Nissan Titan axed in Canada with 0.5% pickup truck share

The Nissan Titan has been removed from the company’s range in Canada because sales have fallen from small to very small.

Last year Nissan sold 2,807 Titans in Canada, down almost 50% from 2018. In the first six months of 2020 just 800 Titans were sold. The Titan has a 0.5% share of the pickup truck market.

“Based on our market objectives for Canada specifically, we have decided to focus our resources on current and future core models in our crossover and sedan portfolios,” Dan Passe, a Nissan spokesman, told Automotive News.

Nissan spent US$230 million to revise the Titan this year with a new V8 engine, new design and more technology, but sales in the US remain slow. It is in last place in the pickup truck market with a 1.2% share and 12,196 sales.

Source: Automotive News