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New Mitsubishi Galant to be based on Korean Renault Latitude

The replacement for the Mitsubishi Galant will be based on the next generation Renault Latitude/Samsung SM5.

As part of Mitsubishi’s 3,984th turnaround plan, the company will invest all its funds and efforts into its range of crossovers, affordable city cars, SUVs and pickup trucks. The reason being that the company derives most of its current sales from just those types of vehicles.

For Mitsubishi dealers in the developed world that leaves plenty of model gaps, especially when it comes to popular mid-size and compact sedans, hatches and wagons.

To fill that void, at least in the US and Canada, the company will take the next generation Renault Latitude and remake it into a Mitsubishi. The car will be built in South Korea at one of Renault Samsung’s plants and exported to North America.

How much differentiation there will be has yet to be announced.

Hopefully the next Renault Latitude/Renault Samsung SM5 (above) will be a more interesting car visually, because to describe the current model as dull-as-dishwater is an affront to dishwater.

Source: Car and Driver