MY2016 Chevrolet Volt priced at $34k before tax credits

GM has just announced pricing for the second generation Chevrolet Volt, with the new model around a grand cheaper than old model.

The 2016 model year Chevy Volt will carry a MSRP of US$33,995, a price drop of US$1,200 from the outgoing first generation model. There’s up to US$7,500 worth of federal government incentives, while other states offer their inducements for electric vehicles.

GM says that the Volt will cost as little as US$24,995 after federal and state incentives in California.

The second generation Volt is said to have an electric driving range of 50 miles (80km). The drivetrain features two electric motors, one driving the wheels, the other working in tandem with the larger 1.5-liter gas engine to recharge the batteries.

According to Green Car Reports, the gas engine in the new car will clutch in more frequently to help drive the front wheels.