Mercedes-Benz A-Class sedan axed in the US in 2023

Blame it on the SUVs. Again. There was a time when an entry level Mercedes-Benz sedan would’ve sold well. Today is not that time.

Dealers have told Automotive News the Mercedes-Benz A-Class sedan will be dropped from the company’s US range after the 2022 model year.

The A-Class sedan was launched with a splashy Super Bowl ad, but sales have been.

In its launch year (2019), Mercedes-Benz sold 17,641 A-Class sedans. In 2021 the number was just 8,108, a drop of 47% from 2020.

If you want a small FWD/AWD Mercedes-Benz sedan from 2023 onwards, you’ll have to buy the A-Class’ slightly less practical, marginally sportier sibling, the CLA “four-door coupe”.

Source: Automotive News