Lotus Evora likely to quit US soon over safety regulations

Reports are that the Lotus Evora will not be long for the American market, due to tightening safety regulations.

With the company planning to cut around 25 percent of its workforce, money and resources are tight at Malaysian-owned Lotus. So, it’s more than likely that the company won’t spend money engineering the Evora to incorporate smart airbags, which are now required in the US.

In fact, they’ve been required for over a year now, but the company managed to secure temporary one-year exemption. With that expiring soon, it’s likely that the Evora will soon leave the US market.

With no other road cars on sale Stateside — both the Elise and Exige left the land of the free around three years ago — Lotus will only be able to retail track-only variants of the Exige and Elise.

Source: Car and Driver