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Lancia Ypsilon outsells Alfa Romeo in Europe during H1 2019

So, something funny has happened, the Lancia Ypsilon, a city car sold only in Italy, has outsold the Alfa Romeo range in Europe so far during 2019.

According to Fiat Group’s World, sales of the Lancia Ypsilon have increased by 28% to 34,691 thanks to generous incentives in Italy.

Despite its age (it was released in 2011), the Ypsilon is still a hit in Italy, which loves city cars, and adores a bargain.

In contrast, a new company policy against “self registration”, and a lack of new models has seen Alfa Romeo sales drop 42% to 29,187.

The ancient Mito and Giulietta are down, obviously, but the newer Stelvio and Giulia are also suffering.

Source: Fiat Group’s World