Honda S660 sold out in Japan until June 2016

The tiny Honda S660 sports roadster is sold in its home market until June 2016, with the car proving popular amongst long time Honda fans.

Bloomberg is reporting that this year’s entire production run of 8,600 cars is sold out, meaning that new buyers will have to wait until at least June 2016 for their vehicles to arrive.

The company had hoped to entice a new generation of buyers to fall in love with the roadster and the Honda brand, but most of the buyers appear to be over 40. This contrasts to the earlier to the earlier S2000, which appealed primarily to those under 40.

The S660 is a mid-engine, rear-wheel drive 2-seat roadster powered by a 660cc turbocharged 3-cylinder engine. Power is sent to the ground via either 6-speed manual or CVT. The S660 conforms to kei-car regulations, so has 47kW/104Nm (63hp/77 lb-ft) in total.


Length: 3,395mm (133.7 inches)
Width: 1,475mm (58.1 inches)
Height: 1,180mm (46 inches)
Wheelbase: 2,285mm (90 inches)
Weight: ~850kg (~1,875 lb)

Source: Bloomberg