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Honda registers CDX name for potential Acura version of HR-V

Honda has registered the CDX name, which may be used a future Acura version of the new HR-V crossover.

According to AutoGuide, Honda registered the CDX name plate on February 11 with US Patent and Trademark Office.

While a name registration isn’t absolute proof that the company is actively developing an Acura version of the HR-V, a Honda exec is on the record as saying that it investigating just such a possibility.

Plenty of names are registered by car companies, either to throw the public off their scent or as hedge as they decide what to do next.

Recently Buick extended its registration for the Velite badge. But despite a lot of speculation that it might end up on its version of the Opel Cascada, Buick decided to import both the car and the badge from Europe.

Source: AutoGuide