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Buick Velite name to be used for American Opel Cascada?

GM has applied to US Patent Office extend its hold on the Velite name for another six months, indicating, maybe, that they’re thinking of using the name on the Buick version of the Opel Cascada.

Back in September we reported that Buick had shown a rebadged version of the Opel Cascada 4-seat convertible to dealers in the United States.

It wasn’t known then what badges the Cascada will wear Stateside, but if GM’s latest filing of an extension to use the name Velite is anything to go by, the new convertible may be dubbed just that when it goes on sale.

The Velite name was first used for a concept car (below), which was based on the rear-wheel drive Zeta platform developed by Australian outpost Holden. The Zeta underpinnings are the basis of the Holden Commodore/Chevrolet SS, Holden Caprice, and Chevrolet Camaro.

Source: GM Authority