Honda Crosstour going out of production

What was the Honda Crosstour? A high-riding hatch? An Accord wagon? An SUV coupe? No-one really quite knew, and no-one really quite cared for it, so Honda has now decided to pull the plug on it.

Honda America announced today that the Crosstour — previously the Accord Crosstour — will go out of production at East Liberty, Ohio plant. That way Honda can make more Honda CR-Vs and Acura RDXes that people have an active wish to shell out cash money for.

Since debuting in 2009, Honda has managed to sell over 110,000 of the uncategorizable Crosstour in the USA and Canada combined. Last year, though, with 11,802 sales, was the Crosstour’s weakest full year.

Putting that in context, in 2014 335,019 Honda CR-Vs marched out showroom doors, and the Acura RDX prised open 44,865 checkbooks.

Numbers courtesy of Good Car Bad Car