GM6 Honda Grace LX: New entry-level non-hybrid JDM sedan

The JDM Honda Grace was released last year as a hybrid, and now an entry-level gasoline powered LX model has been added to the mix.

Last year Honda rebadged the Fit/Jazz-based City sedan as the Grace the Japanese domestic market. The Grace was released initially sold as a hybrid.

The company has now released a cheaper LX model, which is powered by a 1.5-liter Earth Dreams i-VTEC gasoline engine and a CVT.

In JC08 testing, the Grace LX has a fuel economy rating of 21.8km/L or 4.6L/100km (51.2mpg). The Grace Hybrid drinks even less at 34.4km/L or 2.9L/100km (80.8mpg).

No pricing or specifications have been released.