Ford Fiesta 3-door hatch axed, ST continues as 5-door hatch

Ford is ending production of the 3-door Fiesta hatchback as it clears back orders and prepares to launch more EVs in Europe.

According to Automotive News production of the Fiesta 3-door hatch will end in summer 2022 at its factory in Cologne, Germany.

The Cologne plant is currently being upgraded to the tune of US$1 billion as Ford prepares it to build electric cars based on Volkswagen MEB platform.

The Fiesta was one of the last 3-door hatchbacks available in Europe. As buyers move to SUVs, automakers are streamlining the body styles available for traditional models.

As well as being the entry level body style, the 3-door was also used as the basis for the ST hot hatch. The ST remains in production as a 5-door, so don’t worry about that.

Source: Automotive News