FG X Ford Falcon rear-end shown; will have 4-, 6-, 8-cylinder engines

Ford Australia has announced that the final Ford Falcon’s model code will be — drum roll — FG X. To make this piece of wonk news a little more interesting, the company has also revealed the FG X’s rear end look.

The new shots of the FG X Falcon’s rear-end confirm spy shots, which indicated the facelifted Falcon would do its best to look like a Jaguar XF from the rear.

At the rear differences between different Falcon trim levels will likely be limited to the number of exhaust tips (four in the XR6, two in the G6E and probably just one in the XT), the design of the rear diffuser insert, the size and presence of a boot lid spoiler, and the type of bulbs used in the tail-lights (LED units will be applied in high-spec models).

So far, Ford Australia has only officially revealed the rear end look of the XR6 and G6E.

According to Ford, the FG X model references the Fairmont and Ghia nameplates that used to grace the top-end Falcon models, while the X links the last ever Falcon to car’s halcyon days, where model codes included XR, XW, XY, XA, XB, XD and XF.

The FG X is expected to be launched in November and, it’s been confirmed, will be powered by either a 2-litre turbo 4-cylinder, 4-litre straight-six (turbocharged and non-turbocharged) or V8. There will be also be LPG (liquified petroleum gas) version of the straight-six targeted a fleets and taxi companies.