Chrysler Portal concept: Semi-autonomous EV minivan with office interior

The 2017 Chrysler Portal is a concept minivan with an electric drivetrain, semi-autonomous driving, and is “designed by millennials for millennials”.

The Chrysler Portal has a sliding front and rear doors that allow passengers to enter a “third space” cabin with an “open and serene atmosphere that bridges work and home”. The thin shell seats fold flat and are mounted on a track system.

The Portal has a pure electric powertrain and a 100kWh lithium-ion battery pack with over 250mi (400km) of range, and a 350kW DC Fast Charge system that allows for 150mi (240km) of range to be added in under 20 minutes.

With Lidar, sonar, cameras, and radar, the Portal has SAE Level 3 semi-autonomous driving capability.