Chevrolet Malibu could survive to 2024 as brand’s last sedan

With the Cruze gone, and the Impala due for the axe by the beginning of 2020, the Malibu will be Chevrolet’s sole sedan and it could live as long as 2024.

Automotive News has gathered all the intel it can about GM’s product plans, and it thinks the Malibu will easily be Chevrolet’s last sedan standing.

With Buick only keeping the Regal around for as long as Group PSA is legally obligated to supply them, the Malibu could be the last non-premium sedan in GM’s range.

The Malibu, which was completely redesigned in 2016 and given a facelift in 2018, is down, but still on track to make over 100,000 sales this year.

It could be given another facelift in 2022 before bowing out in 2024. It may be replaced indirectly by an EV.

Source: Automotive News