Chevrolet Impala may be axed after this generation

The Chevrolet Impala may be headed for retirement once again, with GM’s boss non-committal on the storied nameplate’s future.

Speaking to Automotive News, Dan Amman, GM’s chairman, said that the company was willing to pull of countries that weren’t profitable, citing Indonesia, Russia and Thailand as examples. He said that the same applied too product segments.

“If there’s no long-term path to be profitable in a particular segment, we will look at that,” he told Automotive News.

With sales of the Chevrolet Impala dropping along with the rest of the full size market, Mary Barra, GM’s CEO, said, “That’s a hard one because the Impala is such a great vehicle, but we can’t look at where the market’s been. We’ve got to look at where the market’s going.”

“The Impala has a role today, but we’re going to be looking over the future and asking ‘What is its role in the future?’ and making that decision,” Barra also said.

Source: Automotive News

Joshua Thompson

Joshua Thompson

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Chevrolet Impala may be axed after this generation