CadillacCT6 | CadillacXT5

Cadillac trademarks CT2 through to CT8, and XT2 to XT8

On November 7, Cadillac trademarked all the CTx and XTx combinations from two through to eight in anticipation of its new naming structure.

In September, Cadillac announced it would be dumping its current alphabet soup of names in favour of a new alphanumeric soup.

The forthcoming Mercedes-Benz S-Class/BMW 7-Series fighter would be christened CT6. In time the CTS will be renamed the CT5, with the ATS rebranded as well.

It was later confirmed that Cadillac would also rename its SUVs with the XT prefix. Only the Chevrolet Tahoe/Suburban-based Escalade would be spared the company’s rebranding.

To make sure there are no problems down the road, such as trademark squatters, GM’s luxury marque has applied for, and received, trademarks for everything from CT2 to CT8 and XT2 to XT8 from the US Patent Office.