Cadillac to return to names for its electric names

Cadillac currently uses a alphabet and number soup for its model names (CT4, XT5, etc.), but it will go back to traditional names for its new EVs.

“The rollout of the electric vehicles is the time we’ll start to move back toward naming,” Steve Carlisle, Cadillac’s president, told Automotive News.

The brand is designated as GM’s leader for EVs and electrification, and the company plans to have 20 EVs on the market by 2023.

“We’re entering the decade as an internal-combustion-engine brand. We’ll exit the decade as a battery-electric brand. It’s the end of the ICE age for Cadillac,” Carlisle said.

Cadillac’s current naming strategy was devised by former president Johan de Nysschen, and uses the CT prefix for coupes, sedans and wagons, and XT for SUVs, with the Escalade given a pass. This system replaced an earlier naming system including names like ATS, CTS and XTS.