Buick Encore expected to hit 70,000 sales in 2015

GM is planning to increase production of the suprisingly successful Buick Encore small SUV by around 50 percent to meet demand.

The Buick Encore, essentially a rebadged version of Opel Mokka, was launched in North America in 2013 on a wing and a prayer. It was predicted that by 2015 annual sales would be around the 25,000 mark.

Last year, GM managed to shift 48,892 Encores, making the small SUV the third most popular car in the Buick lineup behind the much, much larger Enclave (62,300) and the LaCrosse sedan (51,468).

The Encore, like its Mokka sibling, is built at plants in Mexico, Korea and Spain. Duncan Aldred, a Buick-GMC vice president, told Automotive News, “I’ve stuck my neck out to get more Encores, because if you haven’t got them, you’re not going to sell them”.

Last year, GM confirmed that it would be bringing the Encore’s sharper edged and marginally different Chevrolet twin, the Trax, to the US.

Source: Automotive News

Derek Fung

Derek Fung

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Buick Encore expected to hit 70,000 sales in 2015