Bugatti Chiron has 11mpg (21.4L/100km) EPA fuel economy rating!

The Bugatti Chiron has a 8-liter quadturbo W16 engine, so its 11mpg (21.4L/100km) combined, 9mpg (26.1L/100km) city, and 14mpg (16.8L/100km) highway ratings aren’t a surprise.

With its 1,500hp (1,119kW) and 1,180 lb-ft (1,600Nm), 261mph (420km/h) top speed, mileage isn’t really the key metric for the Chiron.

Its 11mpg rating is an improvement on the Veyron’s 10mpg (23.5L/100km) combined number.

The Chiron has a small 9.1 gallon (40L) gas tank, meaning you can only manage 100mi (160km) of non-highway driving before needing to refuel. Crazy.

Thankfully, the average Chiron owner has an average of 42 other cars in their garage.