Bugatti Chiron etymology: What does its name mean?

Bugatti will replace the megabucks Veyron with a new hypercar named Chiron, but who or what is the Chiron named after?

The Veyron-replacing mega-super-ultra-car is named ultra-mega-super-ultra Chiron, and is named in honor of Louis Chiron. The Monaco-born racing car driver piloted many a Bugatti to victories in grands prix during the years after World War I.

During the World War I, Chiron was the personal driver for Marshal Foch, the Généralissime of the Allied Armies in that war.

After having an affair with a team owner’s wife, he lost his drive with Bugatti. In later years, Chiron founded his own racing team with Rudolf Caracciola, another race car driver from that era. He also competed behind the wheel of Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Maserati and Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

When the Formula One age dawned, Chiron was a little past his best, but still managed to win a Monte Carlo Rally.