BMW removes annual fee for Apple CarPlay in the US and UK

BMW cars in the UK and US with the latest infotainment system will no longer need to pay an annual subscription fee to use Apple CarPlay.

The company has confirmed it will remove the annual CarPlay fee for 2019 and 2020 model year cars in the US, saving drivers US$80 per year. A rep told CNET it had listened to feedback and wanted to “make the experience the best possible”.

BMW UK has told Autocar the annual fee will be removed from cars with the latest infotainment system, saving drivers £85 per year. Vehicles, such as the i3, i8, and run out 2-Series and 4-Series, which don’t have the latest infotainment system will need a £235 lifetime subscription.

Apple CarPlay is offered by other automakers without an annual fee, although for some models not all variants have a compatible infotainment system, so buyers may need to purchase a more expensive car to gain the feature.

Source: Autocar, CNET