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B13 Nissan Tsuru production to end in Mexico by May 2017

Nissan confirmed that it will end production of the Nissan Tsuru (the B13 Sentra) by May 2017 in Mexico after controversy about its poor safety record.

The Sentra based Tsuru has been produced in Mexico for three generations, with over 2.4 million sold to date. Nissan made 210,565 B11 Tsurus between 1984 and 1987, and 343,263 B12 Tsurus between 1987 and 1991.

The current B13 Tsuru started production in 1992, and is now one of the world’s oldest cars still in production. So far 1,849,289 have been made.

Beginning in March 2017, a run of 1,000 commemorative models will be made.

Once the Tsuru is put out of production, Nissan will direct customers to the Versa, and expects to continue its leadership in the Mexican market.

According to NCAP, the Nissan Tsuru was involved in 4,000 Mexican deaths between 2007 and 2012.