Audi A6 e-tron plug-in hybrid to be made in China; long wheelbase only

Audi has announced that it will begin work on a plug-in hybrid version of its long wheelbase A6 sedan in China in the near future.

It’s unknown at this stage when the plug-in A6 will begin production, the specifics of its drivetrain, nor how similar the production car will be to the A6L e-tron concept (above) unveiled in China in 2012.

We do know, though, that the plug-in hybrid A6 variant will be based on the long wheelbase version of the A6 that’s primarily produced for the China market. According to Audi, the A6 e-tron plug-in hybrid will feature an electric-only driving range of around 50km (31mi).

Likely to be dubbed the Audi A6 e-tron, the new plug-in hybrid will be produced by FAW-Volkswagen in Changchun in northern China. FAW-Volkswagen is one of two joint venture companies producing Volkswagen and Audi vehicles for the Chinese market; the other is Shanghai Volkswagen.