A36 Nissan Maxima seen in Super Bowl ad, outed by Nissan

Nissan debuted the exterior of its next generation Maxima “sports sedan”, as well as its new Le Mans-bound GT-R LM Nismo, in a soppy ad during the Super Bowl.

Bearing a lot in common with the earlier Sports Sedan concept, the new Nissan Maxima has been styled to include the company’s new “V motion” grille, a floating roof and plenty of expressive details.

In the ad, the heavy sculpting on the new Maxima’s flanks make the car look under-tyred, thick around the front arches and just a bit weird. With better lighting and angles, the studio photos issued by Nissan in aftermath of Super Bowl XLIX make the new sedan look positively hot. For a large FWD vehicle.

The new A36 Nissan Maxima will make its debut at this year’s New York Auto Show in April.