4G Audi A7 facelift: detail changes, matrix headlights, 331kW S7

There’s a slightly crisper look to the front-end of the updated 4G Audi A7, as well as a bunch of minor detail changes. Steady as she goes then…

At the front of the revised A7 there’s a mildly changed look with slimmer LED headlights as standard; matrix LED headlights are optional. At the back tail-lights that look like escapees from a Lamborghini Gallardo are now present. As expected there are also new alloy wheels (ranging from 17- to 21-inch) on offer.

Inside buyers can specify their A7s with a Bang & Olufsen sound system, head-up display, 4G LTE internet connectivity, night vision, lane keeping assistance, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise that works in stop/start traffic, and an entertainment system with touchpad MMI controller and Nvidia graphics.

The updated A7 will have two petrol engines on offer, the most powerful of which is the 331kW (450hp) 4-litre turbo V8, which now features cylinder on-demand technology to reduce fuel consumption.

The big seller in Europe for the retouched A7 will be the diesel-engined models, of which there are three variants. All three share the basic layout (a 3-litre V6 block), but in with different states of tune and configuration:

  • 160kW (218hp) “Ultra”, which drinks 4.7L/100km (50mpg) and emits 122g/km of CO2 in front-wheel drive form.
  • 200kW (272hp) regular TDI.
  • 235kW (320hp) twin-turbo diesel.

The updated 4G Audi A7 goes on sale late in the northern summer. Pricing in Germany begins at €51,300 for the A7, while the S7 will go for €82,300.

No word yet on when the RS7 will be given the once over.


Length: 4,970mm (16.3ft)
Trunk space: 535L (18.9 cu ft)