2022 Honda Civic: From radical back to boring, again

The 2022 Honda Civic may be a better car, but the styling has gone from radical and eye catching to boring and predictable.

You either loved and hated the 10th generation Civic (especially the hatch with its array of useless fake vents), but it was definitely out there and different.

The new Civic uses the same platform (although the wheelbase and overall length are longer), and has a more conservative body that will appeal to everyone who couldn’t bring themselves to buy the current car.

The base engine is a 2L I4 with 118kW (158hp) and 187Nm (138 lb-ft), and the more powerful option is a 1.5L turbo I4 with 134kW (180hp) and 240Nm (177 lb-ft).

With the coupe axed, there’s no manual option, just a standard CVT matched with FWD.

The interior is much improved and a much nicer place to there. So there’s that.