KiaOptima | KiaK5

2021 Kia Optima thinks its a sports car because sedans are dying

Sales of midsize sedans are going down the toilet thanks to crossovers, so they’re becoming less boring and sportier, with the latest being the Kia Optima.

Unveiled this week in South Korea this week as the Kia K5 and going on sale in December, the new K5 (and the American Optima) has a completely (and dramatically) redesigned “fastback sedan” body with a new 3D evolution of the tiger nose grille and full width taillights.

The new K5/Optima shares its platform and powertrains from the latest Hyundai Sonata. The K5/Optima will be available with wheels from 16″ to 19″.


Length: 4,905mm (+50mm) | 193.1″ (+2″)
Width: 1,860mm (+25mm) | 73.2″ (+2″)
Height: 1,445mm (-20mm) | 56.9″ (+0.8″)
Wheelbase: 2,850mm (+45mm) | 112.2″ (+1.8″)