FordMustang Mach-E

2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E SUV: Many powertrains & controversial name

Feelings. The 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E wants you have to green ones. It definitely provokes responses, and the internet is drowning in it.

So, screw that. Screw the name. Ford wants us to debate whether a Mustang should be a electric and whether it should be an SUV, so we’re not going to.

Let’s just look at it as the Tesla Model Y and Jaguar I-Pace competitor it is.

There are five powertrain selections Standard Range (RWD or AWD), Extended Range (RWD or AWD), and GT (AWD only).

  • Standard Range RWD: 190kW (255hp) and 415Nm (306 lb-ft), 0-60mph in low 6s, 75.7kWh battery for 370km (230mi) range
  • Standard Range AWD: 190kW (255hp) and 565Nm (417 lb-ft), 0-60mph in mid 5s, 75.7kWh battery for 338km (210mi) range
  • Extended Range RWD: 210kW (282hp) and 415Nm (306 lb-ft), 0-60mph in low 6s, 98.8kWh battery for 483km (300mi) range
  • Extended Range AWD: 248kW (332hp) and 565Nm (417 lb-ft), 0-60mph in mid 5s, 98.8kWh battery for 435km (270mi) range
  • GT AWD: 342kW (459hp) and 830Nm (612 lb-ft), 0-60mph in mid 3s, 98.8kWh battery for 378km (235mi) range

All cars have 10.2″ digital instrumentation cluster, 15.5″ portrait touchscreen, Sync 4 infotainment system, and phone as a key functionality.

The base Select model supports 115kW DC fast charging, while the Premium, First Edition, California Route 1 and GT models all have 150kW DC fast charging.


Length: 4,724mm | 186″
Width: 1,880mm | 74″
Height: 1,600mm | 63″
Wheelbase: 2,972mm | 117″
Trunk space (seats up): 822L | 29 cu-ft
Trunk space (seats down): 1,689L | 59.6 cu-ft
Front trunk space: 140L | 4.8 cu-ft