2020 Toyota Supra is finally here with BMW I4 and I6 turbo engines

The 2020 Toyota Supra GR has finally been unveiled, and it will go on sale in Japan, EU and US in 2019 with a range of BMW engines.

As everyone knows the G23 BMW Z4 and the A90 Toyota Supra, and, look, we even have a side by side comparison of the two.

In Europe and the US, the Supra GR is available exclusively with a BMW 3L turbo I6 with 250kW (340PS) and 500Nm (369 lb-ft).

In Japan the Supra GR is also available with a BMW 2L turbo I4 making either 145kW (195hp) and 320Nm (236 lb-ft), or 190kW (255hp) and 400Nm (295 lb-ft). The 3L I6 is available there too.

All engines are fitted with RWD and an 8-speed auto. There’s no manual option for now. All Supra models have just two seats.


Length: 4,380mm | 172.4″
Width: 1,865mm | 73.4″
Height: 1,295mm | 60″
Wheelbase: 2,470mm | 97.2″