2020 Mercedes-Benz GLB: A-Class SUV only a little smaller than GLC

With styling inspired by the G-Class, and the FWD/AWD platform of the A-Class, the new Mercedes-Benz GLB will be a new crossover to fit in under the GLC.

Last generation saw the launch of the GLA, but that was nothing more than a lifted hatchback. The new 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLB will be styled and have functionality more like a real offroader.

While it shares the MFA2 platform with the latest A-Class, B-Class and CLA, it has a wheelbase that’s 40mm (1.6″) longer than the long wheelbase A-Class sedan sold in China.

In fact, the GLB Concept is only 22mm (0.9″) shorter overall, and has a 44mm (1.7″) shorter wheelbase than the RWD/AWD GLC.

The GLB Concept has 17″ wheels with offroad tires, black roof rails, a roof box, adjustable middle row seats, and three rows of seats (up to 7 people).

The GLB Concept is powered by the M260 I4 turbo engine with 165kW (224hp) and 350Nm (258 lb-ft), an 8-speed DCT, and AWD.


Length: 4,634mm | 182.4″
Width: 1,890mm | 74.4″
Height: 1,900mm | 74.8″
Wheelbase: 2,829mm | 111.4″

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2020 Mercedes-Benz GLB: A-Class SUV only a little smaller than GLC