2020 BMW 745e: Plug-in hybrid now has six-cylinder engine

The BMW 740e has been replaced by the 745e, which removes the turbo 4-cylinder from the plug-in hybrid powertrain for a turbocharged I6 engine.

Available as either the the 745e, 745Le and 745Le xDrive, the plug-in hybrid has a total of 290kW (394hp) and 600Nm (443 lb-ft).

The 3L turbo I6 gas engine makes 210kW (286hp), and an electric motor integrated into the 8-speed automatic making 83kW (113hp) and 265Nm (195Nm).

The lithium-ion battery is now rated 12kWh, meaning electric driving range in the EU is rated at a maximum of 58km (36mi). Top speed in EV mode is 140km/h (87mph).