2020 Audi A6 Allroad being considered for the US

The fifth generation Audi A6 Allroad wagon is under consideration for the US, and if approved would be the first A6 Allroad sold here since the second-gen.

An Audi US spokesperson told Car and Driver the just revealed A6 Allroad is under consideration for the US, but didn’t hint which way the company was leaning.

Like earlier A6 Allroad models, the new fifth generation (C8) has body cladding, fender extensions/protectors, new bumpers and AWD.

The latest model also has standard air suspension which can lift the Allroad 45mm (1.8″) higher than the standard wagon.

It’s sold in Europe with two 3L V6 turbo-diesel engines. This obviously will not be used in America if the car is approved, with the new A6’s 3L turbo V6 the likely option.

Source: Car and Driver