2020 Audi A1 Citycarver: Small hatch thinks it’s an SUV

The Audi A1 has been given an SUV makeover, and will be available as the highriding Citycarver from the fall of 2019 in Europe.

Credit: Lustig, Roland (I/GP-C1)

The new Audi A1 Citycarver has been styled like one of Audi’s Q softroaders. There’s a new front bumper with an octagonal singleframe grille, just like a proper Q model.

There’s also fender protectors and side sills painted in a contrasting color, and underbody protection done in a silvery metal color.

The Citycarver has a ride height that’s around 40mm (1.6″) taller than normal. The 35mm (1.4″) taller suspension accounts for some of that, but larger wheels, starting at 16″ and going up to 18″, make up the rest.

Although the A1 Citycarver has offroader styling, there’s no mention of Quattro all wheel drive being available.