2019 Renault Twingo facelift: New face, hatch handle, but not for the UK

The 2019 Renault Twingo facelift has a new corporate face, but is still super cute. The rear engine, RWD city car also gains rear intakes.

These were previously only available on the warm GT model. As well as new bumpers, grille, and driving lights integrated into the headlamps, the Twingo facelift also has a rear hatch handle at last!

The Twingo is also available with more customization options for the wheels, grille, bumpers and decals.

The cabin has more storage spaces, dark and light trim options, and a 7″ touchscreen with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support.

A new SCe 75 990cc 3-cylinder engine with 54kW (75hp) and 95Nm (70 lb-ft) is now available, and joins the SCe 65 version with 48kW (65hp). A 5-speed manual is standard with these SCe engines.

There’s also a turbo 890cc 3-cylinder engine with 68kW (93hp) and 135Nm (100 lb-ft), with either a 5-speed manual or 6-speed auto.