2019 Ram 1500: Next generation pickup may lose crosshair grille

The next generation Ram 1500 pickup might lose its signature crosshair grille as the brand attempts to make a clean break with its Dodge past.

Ralph Gilles, head of design at Fiat Chrysler, told The Detroit News, “I love what the company has done by differentiating each brand — from the marketing to the materials — and it’s inspired us as designers to make sure we do that with cars themselves. It takes time. Establishing a brand takes five years, so we’re kind of at that point.”

The company introduced a number of Ram models and concepts which don’t have the crosshair grille, and instead use grilles with massive Ram lettering instead.

“It’s been an experiment, and it’s working. People have responded to it. We like it. But it’s something we’re consciously doing gradually,” Gilles said.

The Ram brand was separated out from Dodge in 2009 not long after Fiat took control of Chrysler after its bankruptcy. Dodge and Ram still use the crosshair grille.

Mike Manley, head of the Ram brand, says that certain models in the new pickup range could still retain the crosshair grille. The current pickup will be sold alongside the new pickup for the 2018 and 2019 model years.

Source: The Detroit News