2019 Chevrolet E-10 concept: Slammed C10 restomod has EV powertrain

The Chevrolet E-10 concept at SEMA 2019 is a restored 1962 C10 pickup truck converted into a EV with two electric crate motors, and two Bolt EV batteries.

Under the hood, the gas engine has been replaced by a double stack of Chevrolet concept electric crate motors, two 400V batteries, and a 4-speed SuperMatic 4L75-E auto connected to the rear axle.

The motors are powered by two independent battery packs from the production Bolt electric hatch. Fitted in the truck bed and under a hard tonneau cover, the E-10 has a total of 60kWh of storage.

Total power is an estimated 336kW (450hp), the 0-60mph time is around 5 seconds, and the quarter mile can be in the high 13s range.

The E-10 also lowered suspension, 20″ front wheels, 22″ rear wheels, an illuminated bowtie badge, LED headlamps and taillamps, leather seats, and electronic displays in the instrument panel.