BuickVelite 5

2018 Buick Velite 5: Rebadged, renosed Chevrolet Volt for China

GM has reworked the second generation Chevrolet Volt slightly to come up with the Buick Velite 5, which will be sold only in China.

With Buick outselling Chevrolet several times over in China, it’s a smart move.

As we saw in our side by side photo comparison between the Chevy Volt and Buick Velite 5, most of the noticeable changes are at the front where there’s a new hood, grille and bumpers.

There’s also a different ambient lighting scheme for the interior.

Buick says the Velite 5’s powertrain has a 1.5-liter I4 gas engine and two electric motors. Sounds a lot like the Volt’s to us. Using China’s mileage standards, the Velite 5 has an EV range of 72mi (116km), and a total range of 477mi (768km).