2017 Volkswagen #PinkBeetle: We have peak naming stupidity

The Volkswagen #PinkBeetle is the first series production pink Beetle, but that’s not what’s wrong with the car. It’s that stupid hashtag name.

We might not like pink cars, but there’s a market for it, and we’re surprised that more companies haven’t tried their hand it. But that name complete with the hash symbol. Now you know when a company is trying too hard.

More than just its stupid name, Volkswagen of America is crazy enough to claim that the “first production pink-colored Beetle is destined to be an instant social media influencer” and that it will be a “immediate automotive trending topic”.

We can only imagine the only way it’ll trend is negatively. Will it change perceptions of the brand for the better in the aftermath of dieselgate? Hells no.

Anyway, what has the #PinkBeetle got aside from its “fresh fuchsia” metallic paint and interior trim? It hasa standard 1.8-liter turbo engine with 170hp (127kW) and 184 lb-ft (250Nm).

There’s also 18-inch alloys for the convertible and 17-inch alloys for the coupe, bi-xeno headlights. LED taillamps, seats with plaid insers, the Composition Media infotainment system with 6.3-inch touchscreen, heated front seats, keyless access, and push button start.