2017 Lincoln MKZ facelift: Continental nose job, 3L turbo V6

For the 2017 model year, the Lincoln MKZ has been upgraded with a new Continental nose, and a new Lincoln-exclusive 3-liter direct injection twin-turbo V6.

The new nose looks awkward on the MKZ’s body as the rest of it remains untouched, so you have this fusion (geddit?) of a retro nose with futuristic sides and rear. Weird. And we’re kinda surprised they didn’t rename the MKZ as the Zephyr to fit in alongside the Continental that will replace the MKS.

Under the hood, the MKZ is now available with a 3-liter twin-turbo direct injection V6 engine with 400hp (298kW) and 400 lb-ft (542Nm), and all-wheel drive. A Driver’s Package for the top-spec engine includes torque vectoring, 19-inch wheels, and continuously variable damping.

Other drivetrain options include a hybrid, and a front-wheel drive model with a 245hp (183kW) 2-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine.

The interior has a more luxurious feel with diamond quilted leather seats. The 2017 MKZ goes on sale in the summer of 2016. Pricing to be confirmed.