2017 Chevrolet Bolt now on sale across the USA, deliveries from August

The 2017 Chevrolet Bolt is now available to order across all 50 US states, with deliveries in new markets expected to arrive in August 2017.

Order books are now open across all 50 states, a month ahead of schedule, Chevrolet has confirmed with Automotive News.

The Bolt was launched in December 2016 in California and Oregon, with sales in another 12 states starting this year. Chevrolet staggered the launch to ensure that key states had enough supply.

“It’s this delicate balancing act,” Steve Majoros, marketing manager for Chevrolet cars told Automotive News. “But we think we’re at the right level of sufficient inventory. We can keep feeding where there’s a stronghold of sales.”

The Bolt will be available from Chevrolet dealers certified to sell electric cars. All these dealers will have specially trained staff and fast charging outlets.

The Bolt starts at US$37,495 before federal and state tax breaks, which can reduce the price below US$30,000. The Bolt has 238mi (383km) range, 60kWh battery, and an electric motor with 150kW (200hp) and 360Nm (266 lb-ft).

Source: Automotive News