2017 BMW 730Li to be made in Indonesia with 4-cylinder engine

The sixth generation G12 BMW 7-Series will be made in Indonesia in 730Li form, with a 2-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder gas engine and a shorter list of options.

The BMW 7-Series sedan will be made in Sunter, North Jakarta alongside the BMW X1 and X3 SUVs, and 3-Series and 5-Series models.

Only the 730Li with a 2-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder gas engine with 192kW (258hp) and 400Nm (295 lb-ft) will be made locally at a rate of six per day. The 740Li will continue to be imported, and is available with more features and BMW Individual options.

Indonesia recently removed the 7.5 percent tariff on imported luxury car parts. The new 7-Series will be built from a CKD (completely knocked-down kit).

“Assembling the 7-Series in Indonesia instead of importing completely built-up (CBU) units means we could lower the price and deliver the units faster to the market,” Jodie O’Tania, head of BMW Indonesia’s PR department said.

Source: The Jakarta Post, Autonetmagz