2016 Volvo S90: New semi-autonomous driving, moose detection

The new Volvo S90 rides on a new platform, and boasts new tech, like semi-autonomous driving at speeds up to 130km/h (81mph) and large animal detection.

Based on Volvo’s new Scalable Product Architecture, the new S90 will make its debut at the Detroit Auto Show in January 2016.

The S90 has a handsome, understated Swedish style to it, and is clearly derived from recent concept cars, and very much related to the XC90 with which it shares much.

Under the hood, the S90 will have a selection of 4-cylinder Drive-E drivetrains in both gas (turbocharged and twincharged), turbo-diesel, and plug-in hybrid forms. The range-topping car will, like the XC90, have the T8 plug-in hybrid drivetrain.

The S90 debut Pilot Assist, a semi-autonomous driving mode that can keep the car in its lane at speeds up to 130km/h (81mph) and doesn’t need to follow a car in front to do so.

The City Safety system has been upgraded with ability to detect large animals, such as elk, horses and moose during both day and night.