2016 Proton Perdana vs 2007-12 Honda Accord: Differences side-by-side

The publicly available second-gen Proton Perdana is on sale some six years after the original Mitsubishi Eterna-based model went out of production.

The new Perdana is once again Proton’s largest and most luxurious model. The second-generation Perdana actually made its debut in late 2013, but it was just an eighth-generation Accord sedan with Proton badges and some extra chrome, and it was only available to government officials.

In 2016, a heavily revised version of the Perdana went on sale to the general public. Still based on the eighth-generation Accord, this facelifted model looks like a completely different beast. In this side-by-side photo comparison, we can see just how much effort Proton’s designers went to distinguish

2016 Proton Perdana - front, blackPerdana
2008 Honda Accord - frontAccord
Whereas the eighth-generation Accord is quite sharp and square, the facelifted Perdana has a much more curvaceous body with softer, rounder details.
2016 Proton Perdana - rear, whitePerdana
2008 Honda Accord - rearAccord
From the rear we can see that the Perdana takes a lot of styling inspiration from the Ford Mondeo/Fusion, with a fastback-style rear and an extra side window behind the rear doors.
2016 Proton Perdana - interior, dashboardPerdana
2008 Honda Accord - interior, dashboardAccord
On the inside, Proton's designers had a little less scope to differentiate their car from the donor vehicle. The general shape and underlying architecture carries over, but the Perdana has a high-mounted screen for navigation and infotainment, and a touchscreen lower down the dashboard to control the car's various functions. There's a lot more silver plastic in the Perdana too. As an update it doesn't look too bad, shame about the ugly steering wheel, though.
2016 Proton Perdana - front seatsPerdana
2008 Honda Accord - front seatsAccord
The seats in the Perdana seem to a be a straight lift from the Accord.
2016 Proton Perdana - front, whitePerdana
2008 Honda AccordAccord
In spite of its luxury pretention, the Perdana is only available with a 2-litre and 2.4-litre 4-cylinder engines.

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2016 Proton Perdana vs 2007-12 Honda Accord: Differences side-by-side