2016 Opel GT concept interior: No buttons; only touchpad, voice recognition

Opel has finally revealed the interior of its small RWD GT concept, and it’s just as minimalist as the exterior with no buttons, just a touchpad and voice recognition.

The Opel GT concept’s interior is full of brushed aluminum, especially around the instrument panel. The seats are made to “fit like a tailor-made suit”, while the steering wheel and pedals are electrically adjustable down to the “last millimeter”.

Pods on the side of the dashboard are connected to the car’s external cameras, and replace external door mirrors.

Oddly for a sports car concept, the GT’s seats don’t look that bolstered or grippy, but then again the sub-1,000kg coupe is powered by 1-liter 3-cylinder engine with 107kW (145hp) and 205Nm (151 lb-ft). So, outright power and g-forces aren’t the name of the game.